Sunday, January 6, 2013

Updated Math Work Station Freebie

Happy New Year!  It's been ages!  I've been a terrible blogger lately.  Not writing, not checking in, nothing. I apologize for being so absent.  I'm hoping the new year will bring in a wave of creative energy, something that's been lacking lately.

I wanted to share a freebie that's been updated at the request of a follower.  

I previously shared a math work station that was "How Many to 5?".  It's been updated to include the materials for a "How Many to 10?" work station.  Everything is in English and Spanish, of course!

Follow the link below to find the freebie in my TpT store:
Before moving up to 5th grade I also used this fun freebie with my 1st and 2nd graders.  My teammate had found and lost track of a freebie that was about "fishing for 10".  So I made a quick version of my own to share.  

Students will need cards from 1-10.  We used cards from a regular deck and counted the Ace as 1.  Students divide up the cards, my students had 5 cards each, and try to make 10.  The rainbow is just a cheat sheet for them to decide which cards they should ask for.  For example, if they have a 2 they can follow the rainbow and see they should ask for an 8.  

Each pair of cards that make 10 are set out.  If a student has a 10, they set it out by itself since there is no 0 card.

If their partner doesn't have the card they go fish.  It was pretty basic, but this helped my students with the concept of making 10.

We kept it simple.  Sometimes the game lasted forever, and other times it ended as soon as it started.  Click the rainbow for the freebie in Google Drive.

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