Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Giving blogging a whirl...

After months of blog stalking and discovering wonderful resources and ideas provided by fellow teachers, I decided it was time to become a part of the community. 

This is a humble introduction as I have no blogging experience, and am only half way through my third year of teaching.  I still have a lot to learn about being an inspiring teacher while still somehow teaching to the new common core standards, teaching in two languages and staying sane.

I’m a second grade teacher in a bilingual classroom.  My students are amazing and inspire me every day.  They've worked hard to learn literacy in English and Spanish and it is my job to help them continue that process.

I hope this blog will help motivate me and other teachers – especially any teachers in a bilingual or dual language setting.  I plan on contributing to the blogging community by also creating resources for classrooms (hopefully as fabulous as the ones I've been able to scavenge from blogs). 

Here we go…
Mrs. Castro
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