Sunday, September 9, 2012

Divisibility Freebie

Teaching 5th grade math is different from teaching 2nd grade math.  Shocker!  It’s especially a big adjustment for me because I’m teaching using a different curriculum, and I used to teach math in English but now teach it in Spanish.  Do you use Everyday Math?  Does it get easier?  I feel like I read and reread the lesson (in Spanish!) and I am rarely 100% certain I’ve figured out the main idea of the lesson.
We did have an excellent lesson on divisibility yesterday, though largely due to another blog!  Shocker #2! ;)

First, Andrea from For the Love of Teaching Math, has a lovely post on a divisibility foldable.  Here is the image of my original inspiration:

The second key to this lesson came from my 5th grade teammates.  They have a copy of a mysterious table they use to teach divisibility.  They have one copy and NO idea where it originally came from.  The table breaks the rules up into three different patterns, which I liked!

See the original table:
2012-09-07 09.38.18

So with the foldable and table in mind I got to work!

When I told my students we were making a foldable for math, you would have thought they got an extra recess!   Note: 5th graders like foldables!

We color coded our foldable, and wrote the rules in the same order as the table, to distinguish these patters visually as well.  We glued them into our math notebooks and I will give them a copy of the table to glue/tape into their assignment notebooks to use for homework.

Here is what it looked like:

I’ve also created a divisibility freebie for you.  You can have your own divisibility rules table!  I had to make one for my team so we wouldn’t be fearful of losing our one and only copy!

You can download the freebie through Google Docs, or TpT.  To download through Google - just click any of the images of the actual freebie.  To download through TpT - click the green TpT button at the bottom of the post.  :)

green TPT.png
Mrs. Castro
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  1. What a great freebie! I miss your first grade stuff... :)

    1. After the past two weeks I miss primary math too! Hopefully I will adjust quickly!

  2. This is awesome! Thank you! (And, in my experience, EDM stays pretty challenging. You just get more used to it.) Good luck in your new grade!

  3. Muchísimas gracias por hablar sobre este tema. Es mi primer año enseñando matemáticas diarias en quinto grado y todavía estoy aprendiendo sobre la estructura del manual del maestro. Yo hice algunas cosas para la primera unidad - los puse en google docs en mi blog si los quieres ver. También puse el link de su blog en mi entrada porque eso es donde me recordé que tengo cosas de matemáticas para compartir.
    Buena suerte con los de quinto!

  4. I teach 5th grade EDM too!! I am much more used to it now, with a few years of it...the time really helps because it is overwhelming at first.

    I LOVE this freebie, thank you so, so much!!!! :)

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