Saturday, June 2, 2012

Best Endings post and Bunnies!

First, I posted for the first time in a long time on Best Endings!  Best Endings is a great blog where you can share what books you recommend and discover new books to read.  Check it out:

Now for the bunnies…

The house where we live sat unoccupied for over a year.  This means that the yard is semi-overgrown.  Slowly but surely we’ve been chipping away at it so we don’t look like we live in a suburban jungle.  The front yard is looking pretty shnazzy right now – at least in my opinion and considering my black thumb!  I even have tomato plants, parsley, mint, and basil.  Check it out my tomato plants!  Please also note the lovely annuals – that were planted last weekend.
Really, I’m going to talk about bunnies…

Unfortunately in our zeal for improving the yard, this past week we dug out an area and discovered a bunny burrow.  There were 4 little bunnies and their neighborhood had just been destroyed!  According to the internet the mom should return in spite of our scent.  So we covered them up as best we could and waited to see if the mom came back. 

What was really awful is that while the weather had been great last week, this week it’s been cold and rainy.  We covered the little guys up with a big leaf so they wouldn’t get wet and waited…the leaf didn’t move.  Further research led to the discovery that the mom uses landmarks to find her burrow, well at bunny eye-height, everything was markedly different and we weren’t sure if she would find them…but all the research said to leave them alone.

Wednesday afternoon burrow uncovered…Friday afternoon still no mom and 2 bunnies had already died.  I felt terrible!  I cried.  I didn't know what to do.  I felt guilty that we exposed the burrow.  Then my hero of a husband went outside and put the remaining two in a box and brought them in.  We warmed them up and then did something I now regret – gave them a little bit of warm milk.  They seemed to like it. 
BUT after they warmed up I started looking for a wildlife refuge and found one.  What does it say…not to give them anything to drink, not even water.  So now I’m worried the milk will be the end of these two little guys:

In a few minutes the wildlife rehabilitation place opens so I’m hoping I can deliver the bunnies ASAP since I’m obviously a hazard to them.  Right now they’re sleeping warm and toasty in a box, in the bathroom – the only door in our old house that latches properly so these two guys don’t get them:

So there’s the latest…pray for my little bunnies.  I know there are lots of bunnies in the world, but they still seem precious and special and I desperately want them to make it!

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  1. As if the last week of school wasn't already stressful enough! I'm sorry about the little bunnies but admire your research, care, and concern. I am sensing some awesome writing workshop stories for next year about this topic! Hoping the bunnies thrive in their new home!