Monday, June 11, 2012

Summer Bucket List Linky

I’m finally getting my act together and joining this linky party! You can see more bucket lists or join the linky party here at A Cupcake for the Teacher
Summer Bucket List
Professional Bucket List:
1.  Organize my classroom in a super meaningful/purposeful way!  Inspirations on my Pinterest board click here!

2.  Make this amazing organizational masterpiece as seen all over Pinterest.  This particular version is from Molly at Lessons with Laughter
Organizer--LOVE it!!!

3.  Sort through materials and pitch whatever is no longer relevant/useful/deemed unworthy.

4.  Set up a math workstations area for my classroom…I have to paint a bookshelf that is covered in cobwebs in my parents’ basement to hold this amazing amount of learning funness!  

5.  Read Debbie Diller’s Math Workstations from cover to cover! 
math workstations

6.  PLAN!!!! Next year I’m switching from bilingual 2nd grade to bilingual 1/2.  I need to meet with my teammate and plan!!!!

7.  Finish creating my Splat unit.
8.  Continue to create bilingual materials for freebies and for sale…I’ve been slacking!

Personal Bucket List:

1.  Finish the Couch to 5K running program.  I’m on week 5 now, and the runs are getting longer and I tend to psych myself out during the run – “this is boring”, “nobody will know if I stop now”, “who says running is good for you?!”, “why did I decide to do this, it’s lame”…and more.  I use an app for my android phone to keep track of my progress, there are apps for iPhones too!

2.  Participate in the Lozilu 5K Women’s Mud Run!!!!  To keep myself motivated I’m signing up for this event later this summer.  I’ll have had 2 weeks of being able to run a 5K at this point, so I think I should be up for it.  Granted everyone I know thinks I’ll get hurt considering I’m super accident prone…they’re probably going to take bets, but I will not let their negativity bring me down!  Have you done a mud run?  Looks super fun!

3.  READ!  Any recommendations?
2012-02-18 09.30.53

4.  Celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary by doing something different.  With my husband studying and working it’s hard for us to get away, but I need to think of something because holy moly – 5 years!!!

That’s it for now!  I hope that this helps me stay accountable.  I am good at making lists, not always good at checking things off them, or even remembering where I placed the list to begin with!  This should help!
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  1. I've got a book recommendation for you! I've read and currently rereading the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon. They are long, but reallllly good. If you like historical fiction with romance, then you'd like these. The 8th book is due out in 2013 so I'm rereading them...I can't wait! :)

    Following Optimism in 2nd Grade

    1. I read the first book and half of the second. But then I got distracted and faded...I'm going to reread them starting NOW! I definitely fell in love with Jaime when reading these! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi, I'm your newest follower! I was just hired as a bilingual teacher for third grade and I'm really, really excited. I've taught first grade for the past four years so this will be a brand new experience for me. I'm looking forward to reading what you have to offer.


    1. Hi Judy, thanks for stopping by! I hope you'll find some ideas that will help you in your bilingual classroom! I love being a bilingual teacher, I hope you do too! Good luck!

  3. I've just been blog hopping this morning and came upon your blog. I'm your newest follower. I absolutely love those 22 drawer organizers. I just bought mine the other day, but I'm still trying to plan out how I want mine to look. There are so many great ideas floating around! Congrats on 5 years of marriage :) :)

    Dirty Hands and Lesson Plans