Monday, May 21, 2012

Splish Splash Splat Stuff

I haven’t posted in over a week!  I don’t know what has come over me, but I think it’s the end of the year.  It’s been especially tough reading about how so many of you are already done with the school year or finished significantly before me…it’s a downer! 

So, I’ve semi-recovered from my blogging funk and thought I would share something we’ve been working on.  I’m sure your students love the cat Splat as much as mine.  I’ve decided to work on putting together a fun-filled literacy and math activities pack for Splish, Splash, Splat.  I’m working hard to make it bilingual so it will work for most any teacher.

Here is our completed writing craftivity.  I think they turned out pretty cute!
Tomorrow night we have our last bilingual family night of the year, so I won’t be working on completing this unit until later this week.  But I hope to have it up for sale by this weekend…fingers crossed!

Other than that, today made me remember how much I do not like teaching measurement.  I hate the precision and attention to detail required to measure.  I absolutely hate measuring things at home, I’m purposefully lame so that my husband will do it without me.  Fortunately, my kids' enthusiasm for measuring makes up for my complete lack thereof. 

Today was tough because we measured with nontraditional things – lollipops, paperclips and cubes.  Hopefully, tomorrow will be a bit easier to handle with traditional inches and feet…

It’s important to keep perspective only 10.5 days left of school!

Hope wonderful things are happening in your classroom.  If you’re already done please don’t tell me so I don’t spiral into a funk again! 

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  1. Those Splat craftivities are just precious!! Love it!
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  2. I have awarded you with the lovely blog award! You don't need to link back to my blog. But I just want to share how much I admire you!

  3. I love your splat the cat activities! Thanks for sharing a great idea....I will have to use this soon! I just wanted to let you know that I completely feel your pain about everyone else being done with school.....I still have 15 more days to go. Ugh! :-( Hang in there!