Saturday, May 12, 2012

Time Vocabulary Anchor Chart and Stuff…

WOW!  This past week was exhausting!  We’ve been so busy, as I’m sure you all have too.  I had a meeting with our bilingual department to learn more about our district’s vision for 1/2 bilingual multiage.  There was so much information shared my head was spinning for a few days. 

This week was also our fluency benchmarking week and my students are tested in English and Spanish.  We received our ACCESS scores a couple of weeks ago and I was very pleased with my students’ results.  They are going to be so successful in third grade!

We did our mother's day project which was inspired by a Pinterest find, of course! 

Unfortunately our paint was very runny and the pop bottle was dripping everywhere.  So Plan B was implemented and we used fingerprints instead.  BUT, I forgot to take a picture of them.  Oops!  They did turn out very cute, some were more interpretive than others, but I know the moms will be happy!
AND we’ve finally begun our time unit.  Most of my students have fairly good grasp of how to tell time... all of our morning work has paid off!  A couple are struggling when it comes to keeping the hands straight and how to know when to use the big number or count by fives...I would love suggestions for those students.  I color code their sheets.  Hour hand and answer space one color and minute hand and answer space another color.  I also let them use a mini clock since it’s hard for them to just look at a sheet and find the answer.  My big classroom clock has the 5 minute increments posted on it too.  Any other suggestions?

One thing that can be hard for my students is the vocabulary associated with time.  They LOVE to sound like smart second graders so we made this anchor chart to help them use the Fancy Shmancy Time Vocabulary more easily.  Spelling the word schmancy escapes me...don’t judge if it’s wrong.  I’m caught between English, Spanish and a maiden name that starts with “sch”.
I remembered to take a picture of this at least!  The students only have had one day to use this vocab so far, but they’re getting really good at it!  (Proud teacher alert!)
That’s it for now. 
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  1. The vocabulary is hard for my students too! I love your anchor chart though!

    Lohren Nolan

  2. Do you know what is annoying to me? That we have to teach the kids to say "half past" a time. I don't know about you, but I NEVER say that in my real life! I get the point of it, with the half business, but still... boo to that.

    Marvelous Multiagers!