Saturday, August 4, 2012

Back to School – Start the year right!

Heads up – this post is about my store, not my classroom. So read on if you are in need of some back to school activities – in English or Spanish.
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***All Back To School Items discounted and on 20% off until Tuesday, August 7 at midnight!***

Have you ever started a simple straight-forward project that slowly evolved into something so much bigger than you planned?!  That’s what my back to school project turned out to be – a behemoth with a mind of its own. 

I’m so happy it’s finally done and I can share what I’ve been up to.  I know there are lots of back to school activity packs out there for you to buy.  But I wanted to create something a little different.  How is this different you might ask…

1.  I designed it with my bilingual/dual teacher friends in mind.  I wanted to create something they wouldn’t have to spend any time translating...Later I decided to make everything in English too, for my monolingual teacher friends who still want to spice up their beginning of the year!

2.  These activities will “spice things up” by using “new” non-traditional back to school read alouds, AND traditional read alouds.  These include two AMAZING multi-cultural reads!

3.  This packet isn’t about keeping the kids occupied those first days of school.  Each activity works towards the creation of something bigger – a class book!

Each pack is full of activities and comes with a PowerPoint with editable covers for your class books!  In addition to creating 7 class books, students will work on a “All About Me” book.  Cool, right!?  Activities have been differentiated for three different grade levels!  There is a reading survey, family tree activity, poetry writing, and more!

REMEMBER bilingual teachers – in the bilingual pack all activities are included in English and Spanish! 
I’ve also broken up some of my favorite activities into smaller products – so if you don’t want to buy a whole pack you can get the individual activity for less $.

So click any of the images on this page to head over to my store and see all my back to school products.  All of these items are discounted and 20% off until Tuesday, August 7 at midnight!  Don't miss out!

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  1. These look great, Laura! They are on my wish list. I'm hoping to get a few things off my wish list before school starts. But I've spent so much already, chris is about to kill me. :)
    Ms. Kerri and her Krazy Kindergarten

  2. What a great resource for a bilingual class! Thanks for sharing and having a SALE! Woot woot!!

    Second Grade Sparkle

  3. Super exciting stuff!! I like what you said about not just something to keep kids busy...sadly I have already seen copies left at the copy that looks like something I might have done on my first day of school 35 years ago:/ great work!!!

  4. I was riding in the backseat with my kids, while my husband was honking the horn and fussing. I didn't reread my comment, but you get the gist.

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