Monday, August 6, 2012

Product Swap–Product Review–FINALLY!

When I first signed up to be a part of the product swap hosted by Jessica Stanford at Mrs. Stanford's class, I wasn’t really sure what to expect.  I’m so glad I decided to participate though!  I was matched with the lovely, Lori Wolfe.  I couldn’t have been more lucky!  Lori has tons of experience teaching ELLs and has already created so many products – published products.  As it turned out I actually already owned one of her math books! 

I’ve been working on improving my math work stations, so I chose Lori’s “Place Value with 2 Digit Numbers – Math Games and Lesson Plans”.  (Lori generously sent me her 3 Digit Numbers pack as well!) 
These packs sell for $5.95 and includes 5 different place value games.   DUAL AND BILINGUAL TEACHERS this is available in Spanish too!!!
 Valor Posicional Con Numeros de 2 Digitos-Math Games & Le
These packs come in black and white.  I LOVE this!  I personally don’t own a colored printer.  The colored printer at work is notoriously out of ink and this is the sort of resource I would rather color code myself with different paper than have colored graphics.  Here you can see how Lori has hers in fun colors:

Here you can see I color coded my games.  Each game is a different color – makes it so easy to keep all the pieces separate!  Unfortunately the colors I chose are semi-similar and it’s hard to tell.  I have a teal, light blue, turquoise and purple. 

I also used my handy-dandy Scotch laminator to make sure these games really lasted!  Everything turned out so sturdy and EXPO marker friendly! I’ve even laminated the recording sheets – that way they can be reused again and again!

There are two things that really impressed me about this product…

1.  The layout.  The directions are very easy to follow.  I was absent when they taught “following directions” and “reading for detail” at school…so I usually struggle putting things together, and there are lots of wasted paper and mistakes.  BUT, this product is laid out in such a way that I had no problems putting the games together.  Everything is concise and labeled!  I put them together in no time!  See...easy to read set up!

2.  The games are simple and yet incredibly meaningful!  I do not expect it to be difficult to teach these games to my students.  And yet, the games will challenge the students to develop place value strategies in order to beat their partner.

1s & 10s Greatest Number.  
3 players.

Students each have a 2 digit place value game board.
Students draw a number and must place the card in either the ones or tens place.  Their goal is to get the greatest number.  Students must come up with a strategy for determining when to place a number in the ones vs. tens…how will they determine it?
The learning is extended as the students then have to write the numbers on the recording sheet from greatest to least.  COOL RIGHT!?

Odd or Even? 
2+ players
I played this by myself to make sure I could explain it.  This is a challenging game if you wan to win!  Each student has a 2 digit place value game board.  Each student draws a number and must decide to place it in the tens or ones place – the goal is make the largest ODD number.  So not only do students need to understand even and odd, they must also determine how to make the biggest number possible. 
Students record the results on a sheet to see who gets the most “greatest odd numbers”.

3 In A Row - 2+ players
This game is great because it adds a twist.  Students must be the first to fill their board.  BUT, the number cards are labeled with tens or ones…so when a student draws a card they must put it in the right place value slot.

Go Fish Even – uses the same materials but students try to fill their boards with even numbers ONLY.  I like that this is interactive because my students will be forced to talk and use math language!

Lori also has a place value game that uses base 10 block cards!

I anticipate this packet becoming an essential resource for place value in my work station rotations.  They are simple, straight-forward, easy to assemble but pack an instructional punch!  I know my students will have fun playing these games and won’t even realize how much they are learning and reinforcing their learning while they play!  Isn’t that what we’re always looking for as teacher?  A way to make learning engaging and meaningful!  Lori has managed! 

Lori’s TpT store is FULL of amazing products for regular ed. teachers and bilingual teachers.  She has products in English and Spanish.  AND she has products across the content areas – Language Arts, Math, and more.  Check it out here:
Welcome to the ESL ELD blog!
Here is the link to Lori’s blog!
ELL blog
Lori has a FB account too!

I feel very fortunate to have been matched to Lori Wolfe.  Check out all of her wonderful products and ideas!

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  1. Nice!! Those look like great games! Thanks for sharing such a thorough review. :)

    Second Grade Sparkle

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