Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Survey Says...

I found this fun Linky at Jill's blog, Marvelous Multiagers - it's like she has a 6th sense for finding fun linkys.  I always seem 12 steps behind, but I'm actually an early joiner to this one...there's a first for everything!

This linky was created by 5th Grade Rocks, 5th Grade Rules.  She's created a fun survey for teacher bloggers...so here we go.

1.  Are you married, do you have a bf, or are you flying free as a single lady/man?
Married to an amazing guy who truly has the WORST names for English, Oscar Ariel, so basically he's the grouch or he's the mermaid.  In Spanish these names just aren't so bad, but he refuses to take on a nickname so he will continue to be the grouchy mermaid.
2.  Where did you grow up?

I was born in Colrado, lived in California but mostly grew up in the Chicago suburbs...where you can still find me.

3.  Do you have any pets?  If so, what kind and what is his/her name?
Oh yes, Max and Ellie - two cats who appear frequently on my blog.  

4. What is a favorite tv show you are embarrassed to admit to watching?
Jersey Shore...so many bad decisions in such a short period of time, there's something hypnotizing about it

5.  Are you a saver or a spender?
I'm a saver...spending makes me anxious!  Just ask the grouchy mermaid!

6.  What is your favorite children's book?
A Wrinkle in Time, I can still read this over and over!

7.  Were you the class clown, teacher's pet, or neither?
Generally the teacher's pet, but only if the teacher was worth it.  If the teacher was lame, I didn't pay much attention...should I admit that now?

8.  Who is your favorite athletic team?
La seleccion argentina - the Argentine national soccer team.  They're the best!

9.  Where did you go on your last REALLY fun vacation?
Buenos Aires, Argentina.  We were there for Christmas break this year to visit you know who's family, it was nice since it's summer down there at that time of year!

10.  Who is your favorite actor?  Actress?
I really like Liam Neeson.  He just seems like he would be a very nice, but slightly intimidating person in real life.

11.  Tell about the last time you cried because you were happy.
I came close when our Square Cat buttons arrived and one of my little guys wanted so badly to write his thank you note...it was so amazing to see him so excited about reading!

12.  What is your favorite season?
Fall it's beautiful outside, and perfect weather for enjoying a good book!
13.  What is your biggest regret?

I think it would just be not staying in shape.  I played soccer for years and now can barely run 2 minutes without cramping up.  (Now I'm feeling frustrated with myself!)

BUT I LIKED THE ORIGINAL, so I kept that here, so I can do this and not regret it!

That I didn't start taking care of my body years ago!  Oh, and that I didn't start a 403B when I first started teaching.  ***Take note all of you spring chickens!

14.  What food do you just NOT like at all?
Sauerkraut - I can't even be in the same room as that stinky stuff!

15. Who was your most memorable teacher, and why?
My most memorable teacher has to be my Spanish teacher from high school, Mrs. Gullickson. She was truly an inspiration.  If it weren't for her I'm not sure I would have continued studying Spanish, studied abroad and met my husband.  She helped inspire me in general and truly changed the course my life took!

We're suppose to think of another question - but my brain is not up for that, I'm on spring break, no excess thining is allowed!

There you have it!  
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  1. What is 403B??? I'm curious!!
    I am your newest follower!! :)
    ❤ Sandra
    Sweet Times in First

    1. Did you see Mimi's amazing explanation on your blog? I'm planning on signing up right away. Love your blog btw! Super cute, and I can't believe the things Arizona is asking you to do in your classroom!

  2. Haha! I have another linky party to do today so get excited! I'm looking forward to a few years in the future when I have fun things to share every day, even on spring break days!

    I also love A Wrinkle in Time! Have you read When You Reach Me? If not, you must immediately!!! Oh never mind, I consulted Goodreads and it appears that you have read When You Reach Me!

    What are the nicknames for Oscar and Ariel?

    Marvelous Multiagers!

    1. We had suggested he go by Ari instead of Ariel, because even though that's his middle name he goes by Ariel...but he refuses. And I don't think there is a nickname for Oscar - it's pretty much bad no matter what you do. (AND he wants to name our future son Oscar because that was his Dad's name...can you imagine?!?!)

    2. Yuck... that is not cool.

      I had a Latino student named Ari one time and I loved that name! But my favorite is Javier!

  3. It was fun learning about you! I actually had a student named Oscar in my class earlier this year. He was the sweetest, most charming boy! I loved having him and was sad when he moved so I have become a little partial to the the name. Every time I hear Oscar (which isn't often) I say awww . . . I miss Oscar! My kids miss him too, even though he was only with us for two weeks, that was how cool he was! They still talk about him three quarters later . . . I think its a great name. :)

    1. Ok, it can't be that bad of a name then right? Between my husband and your little guy maybe I can start to change my opinion of it. Thanks for sharing, he must have been pretty special to have left such a mark...maybe it helped that he had such a rare name...