Saturday, March 31, 2012

Survey Freebie and Facebook page

I’m currently finishing up my first product that I actually hope to sell on TpT.  I’ve made a few freebies, but I am really hopeful that teachers will see my products and think they are worth purchasing too…we’ll see. My goal is to have it listed this weekend.  (The anticipation is going to be killer, right?!)
What I’m working on is meant to fit well into any school week, but is especially good for the spring, or Cinco de Mayo.  If you’re looking for some fun writing, literacy and math activities that cross cultures, and spice up your classroom – this will be perfect for you!
In order to give people a taste of what’s coming in this SUPER AMAZING new product, I put together a little freebie.  **Please keep in mind this freebie is part of a whole.**  It is designed to accompany the reading of The Three Little Tamales and The Three Little Pigs.  I’ll be coming up with another freebie or two this week, but this is the first.
Have you read The Three Little Tamales?  If not, you should! Your students will love it!  It’s another Eric A. Kimmel take on a traditional story.  Slide1
I wanted to get my ELLs talking, in general and specifically about the book and related topics.  So, I’ve created a survey.  You can download it at my TpT store by clicking here, or by clicking any of the images below.
So that’s the first freebie to come of this product.  As I said above I hope to share some more later this week.  Be on the look out!
In other news, I’ve also finally put a Facebook Button on my blog! I created the FB page a while ago, but have been moving rather slowly.  Please take a moment and visit the page, right now it’s not too exciting, but I do hope to add more to it shortly.  Your support is SO appreciated!  You can click the big F on the right, or the image below.  GRACIAS!
That’s all for today.  Spring Break is almost over and I can hardly stand it!  It flew by!  For those of you who have just started their break, ENJOY! 
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  1. Yum I love tamales! I'll have to get these books to read to my class... they are obsessed with twists on traditional stories!

    Marvelous Multiagers!

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