Sunday, March 18, 2012

Top 10 Award and Spanish stuff

I hope you all have been having an amazing weekend!  Here in the Chicago area the weather has truly been amazing.  We were able to grill for the first time this year.  Since my husband is an Argie and Argentina takes grilling very seriously, like religious means I ate enough for about 3 was worth it!  So anyways, I hope your weekend has been as sun-filled and gluttonous as mine!  :)

Something else exciting this weekend is that I was nominated for a blog award!  I am so flattered that Stacy at 2nd Grade Paradise thought my blog was worth mentioning!  Thank you Stacy for stopping by.  I recently discovered her blog and it really is a great source of wonderful ideas and inspiration.  
I want to share this special blog award with 5 blogs that I've discovered during my hours of blog stalking.  These are wonderful blogs definitely worth visiting for ideas and inspiration!  Plus these ladies have been very supportive of my blog, which I remember and appreciate!

Corinna at Surfin' Through Second Grade
Holly at Crisscross Applesauce
Jill at Mrs. T's First Grade Class
Lori at Teaching with Love and Laughter
Hayley at Following Optimism 

You ladies to click here for more information on the award and to get the button.  

One more thing I wanted to share today was what I do the third Sunday of the month.  I'm the interpreter for our church.  I do live interpretation of an English message to Spanish.  This is a super rewarding way to serve, but it is high pressure.  Spanish is my second language, and while I speak Spanish at home  and at work, there are definitely gaps in my vocabulary and I do have true "brain farts".  Every once in a while I'll make a BIG mistake.

For example one doozy was when I forgot how to say nun in Spanish...a monk is monje and for some reason I kept saying mona...which is girl monkey when I should have said mojna.  Not my brightest moment.  The other challenge I face is having lived in Argentina my Spanish is definitely different from most of the Spanish speaking population in America.  So now I tend to spontaneously switch between Argie Spanish and Mexican Spanish, this is completely unconscious and I don't really know what to do about it...luckily my Spanish ministry friends are very forgiving and generally entertained.

Here am I am in the interpretation room getting ready for today's interpretation.  Note the high tech equipment that I have not damaged at all!  Even my students will tell you I'm clumsy, but somehow I've managed to not destroy anything after nearly three years!  
Happy Sunday, enjoy the last few hours of the weekend!
Mrs. Castro

P.S. I'm so excited because Elizabeth Schoonmaker the author of Square Cat somehow found my blog and left a comment on my post about the book!  I am giddy excited! Pin It


  1. Congrats on your award! I hope you are having a great Sunday! I know I am! :)

  2. That is awesome that you are able to interpret!

    I saw that the Square Cat author commented and I knew you would be so excited!!

    I hope you are really enjoying this BEAUTIFUL day. :)

    Marvelous Multiagers!

    1. Jill,
      I am so excited! I'm carrying on, but my husband just doesn't seem to get as excited...I'm glad you knew how exciting it was!
      ENJOY your Sunday!!!!!

  3. Hi Laura, I am giving you a beautiful blog award and a top ten blog award! But I noticed you just received this same award! Must be others appreciate you too! How fun is that! Your blog is very cute and offers a lot to help us fellow teachers get better at what we do! I hope you'll jump over to my blog and pick up these awards. Then you can pass them along to some of your friends, too!
    Second In Line

  4. Congratulations on your awards and thank you for awarding me as well. I really enjoy keeping up with your blog and your writing ideas. I have quite a few ELL students this year and I love to find ideas that I can adapt to my class. Keep up the great work!

    Surfin' Through Second

  5. I feel giddy for you! We had an illustrator come in and read to our class once and I was super excited about that. It happened to be the aunt of one of my students! Congrats on your award, too!

    1. Jenny,
      I am so excited!!!! Still...a couple days later! And thank you for the congrats and being giddy!