Thursday, April 26, 2012

Persuasive Pet Letter Freebie

Are you getting ready for Open House?  We’ve been working hard getting ready and I feel like there is still a lot we want to do…one of the projects we’ve been working on is our first persuasive writing project of the year.

I’ve found animals are always a good way to engage students.  Max and Ellie are constantly a great source of inspiration.  Very few of my students actually have pets and so they have adopted Max and Ellie as their own.  The book I Wanna Iguana inspired my students to write letters to their parents trying to convince them to get a family pet.

I’ve put together a freebie so if you’re looking for an idea for persuasive writing you don’t have to look far!  This will work for English or Spanish writing, for all my bilingual/dual language friends.  Click the image below to download it from my TpT:
The BEST part about the whole project was today.  Last night I found all sorts of fun images of different cats/dogs/fish. I had a thought bubble saved on PowerPoint and projected it on the white screen.  Then each student was able to choose from the selection of pictures.  I took a picture of the student standing in front of the giant thought bubble with their dream pet.  We put these pictures on their final draft – very cute!

Here’s mine, trying to convince the “angry mermaid” to get another cat (but not really!)
Here are the cutest kids (smiles) ever:
I believe for Open House we will put the final draft together with our brainstorming organizer, cloze sentence letter and rough draft.  I want parents to see the whole writing process.  I’ll share when that’s done…Until then here you can see what the final draft looks like…(in a washed out sort of way)
The weekend is in sight!
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  1. This is too stinkin' cute! Def. going to have to use this when we work on our persuasive writing! And "I Wanna Iguana" is one of my faves!'

    The Second Grade Superkids

    1. Thanks! I Wanna Iguana really makes the activity!